We are a small company with 15 years experience in the wheel repair industry. located in Buford we specialize in wheel repair, powder coating and caliper painting. most of our repairs are generally done within 1 to 2 days. more involved repairs do require more time. 



On-Site Experts & Services

We have mobile wheel repair units that can service vehicles onsite if needed. 

We have a shop too

Our shop does all the powder coating and more in depth repairs that our mobile service is otherwise unable to do as well as mounting and balancing tires as well as painting calipers.

Our Goal

Our mission at Alpha Wheel Repair is to get your vehicle back to you as fast as possible while still offering a premier service. Whether its repairing some scratches on a wheel or changing the color on your calipers, we strive to give you efficient and top quality service. 









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Our Pricing

Cosmetic Repairs

Scraped a curb? we can do a simple spot repair on your wheel starting at $75  

$75 per wheel

Starts from

Caliper Painting


We can paint your caliper any color you want without you having to do a thing. Most times the service is done within 24 to 48 hours.


$300 per set of 4

Starts from

Tire/chemical stripping Services

We can mount and rebalance your tires with your repair or if you just want some general maintenance done on your vehicle to keep it in the best running condition. We can also sandblast or chemically strip your parts with our stripping system.

$20 per wheel 

Starts from

Powder Coating 

Whether you want your wheels a different color or your patio furniture back to looking like new, we are able to powder coat most metal parts to the color of your choice. We have the capabilities of chemically stripping and sandblasting parts before we powder coat. 

$400 Per Set

Starts from

How Did We Do?

I dropped my car off to Alpha Wheel Repair to get my wheels and calipers done and they did exactly what I wanted and it was done in one day! i cant say enough about these guys. would recommend them to anyone I know!

Joel Marshall

I called Alpha Wheel Repair to see if they could fix a bent wheel for me and they were able to come out to my home and repair it in less than an hour. Saved me alot of headache. would recommed!! 

Stephanie lovett

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